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Four Villains of Product Management Lean and Agile Practices Ash Maurya Rohini Pandhi

The Four Villains of Product Management

Introduction to Agile and Lean Practices for Product Management

The Science of Lean Product Management: Ash Maurya on Process

Data-driven, not ego-driven culture: Rohini Pandhi, Product Lead at Square

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Customer Success CustomMade Case Study Samuel Hulick of UserOnboard Support + marketing

Customer Success starts with being there when they need you

!Push it! How CustomMade.com gives their customers the push they need

Samuel Hulick: All Onboard (Happiness Hacking Series)

The secret weapon for startup marketers is support


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Shortcuts: type less and talk to customers quickly

Get our status when you need it: Updates on downtime

Want to know what your customers think about you?

x + x newsletter: Beautiful & Broke


About Page Engineering Happiness Feature Page Animation Bootstrapping 10K Customers Rickshaw Bags case study

Olark About Page video

Engineering Customer Service at WordPress.com

Olark Feature Page animation

How we bootstrapped a 10,000 customer business

How Rickshaw Bagworks delivers service online


Customers For The Win! Customerelate NYC Customerelate II Olark Tee Party PyCon Pi Contest

Customers FTW!

Cutomerelate NYC: The customer is always right now

Customerelate SF II: How to build a culture of great customer service

Olark Tee Party

PyCon Pi Contest

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CopyNight NYC Brightpod Quora Front TED Blog Independent Filmmaker Project

Copynight NYC (Social Media Week)

How Marketers Stay Productive: Laure Parsons of Olark


Inside Olark’s “All-Hands Support” Customer Service Team

TED Blog

Independent Filmmaker Blog

Fun Stuff:

Acceleration (A documentary work-in-progress)

Synapsistic: Learning & Neuroscience

Thinking Fast & Slow presentation